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October 21, 2012 by sgacke

I am a military wife, student, and as of right now a stay at home mother.  I have one son named Hunter and he is my pride and joy!  I gained nearly 90 lbs with him.  I had a hard time doing hikes, sports with the hubby, and everything else that involved me being active.  The first 2 years of my son’s life, I worked out whenever I felt like it, not really giving it my all and definitely not eating healthy.  I always made excuses about being sick, body hurting, having too many things to do, and being tired just because I didn’t want to go to the gym. I was tired of being lazy, unhealthy, and depressed.  I was absolutely miserable.  It was really starting to affect my marriage along with being able to keep up with my son.   I was paying for a trainer and lost about 10 lbs but nothing like I wanted or needed.  So, it started when I quit my job and began the “stay at home mother” job.  I was working out, but then I thought cardio was what women needed to do to lose weight.  September 2011, I had a friend post a challenge on FB from  It was a LiveShredded 12 week Transformation Contest.  I took it as she was aiming it towards me and was hurt by it but took it by the horns and was determined to prove to everybody that I could do this.  I gave it a shot, what would it hurt.  Right?  I started seeing results instantly with my health and energy.  I gained self esteem, my health back, energy, and confidence!  I set my goal for the 12 weeks at being in a size 8/10 and around 160.  I started at 245 and my size was 22.  I completed the 12 weeks like it was nothing and was VERY happy with my results but wanted MORE! The first 12 weeks I did Jamie Eason’s 12 week LiveFit program.   My goals changed quickly.  I continued to workout and eat healthy.  It then became a lifestyle for me.  I did another 12 weeks recently which was James Wilson’s 12 week program.  LOVED IT!  But as I continue to reach my short term/small goals, I want more so my goals continue to change.  I recently have made the goal of:  Living a healthy life and looking fabulous naked! 🙂   Here’s to that goal!  Let’s do this together!!  I have NEVER felt better than I do now!  Cheers!

6 thoughts on “My journey…

  1. John Mangus says:

    God bless you as a military wife and mother! From a Marine.

  2. The UDG says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I had to smile because one of my weight loss goals is to also look fabulous naked. I will definitely be keeping up with your blog.

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