Trying to Stay on Track While Hunting

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November 11, 2012 by sgacke

This is what I have been doing while away on vacation!  My husband got this one not even 2 hours in the tree on the first morning!  Me, on the other hand, sat Sunday through Wednesday night and saw a bunch and didn’t get one.  Other than Fitness, Hunting is my passion!  I cannot explain what it feels like to sit in the tree, snow falling, the woods quiet, and you just relaxing and watching nature at its best.  The only tough thing I have to deal with while in the woods since becoming healthy is making sure I am getting the proper water intake and my snacks.  While it is 17 degrees outside and I am sitting in the tree with no heat but 7 layers of clothes on, I have a VERY hard time drinking water.  I have learned the hard way this time and suffered the consequences of not staying up with my water intake.  Another thing was snacking…  My protein bars and protein powder were life savers in this!   To make as little noise as possible in the tree, I unwrapped my bars prior to leaving the house in plastic wrap that way I can easily unwrap and eat in the tree.  I made my drinks prior to leaving also which helped out tremendously.  There are many different snacks you can pre-make before.  Trail mix, bars, protein muffins, etc.  What are your favorite quick, easy, healthy snacks?  Share in the comment!

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