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November 26, 2012 by sgacke

 So this week, I am definitely going to be back on track!  This last week was crazy and hectic!  I went through a “depression” mode for a few days.  My husband brought to my attention that my attitude was changing and that he could tell that everytime I look in the mirror, I don’t have that shining light in my eyes like I did.  I completely agree with him!  I hate looking in the mirror the last couple of weeks!  I gained 5-10 pounds since he has been home and I was disgusted with myself because I knew I wasn’t giving my 100% like I know I can.  I worked out a few days this last week but not like I should!  Here is to a new week and a new me!
Plankaday  1:34:7
Family walk
6 rounds: 
8 x each leg one legged split squat
25 x pushups
30 x crunches
10 x burpees
6 rounds:
10 x weighted squats
8 x alternating biceps curls 20#
10 x dips
60 sec x planks
Walked around downtown Chicago all day
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Me Plus My Trainer
Little Girl in the Big World

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