Luna Review


January 20, 2013 by sgacke

I contacted Luna a few months ago and recently was contacted back.  I hear so much about them and see them all the time in the stores but I have been nervous about trying them.  One thing that really sticks out about Luna is that it’s a protein bar for WOMEN!

A little about Luna:


“When it comes to food, our philosophy is simple: We say no to guilt, deprivation, and dieting—yes to intuitive nutrition, pleasure, quality ingredients and, of course, chocolate. We also say yes to community. From the LUNAFEST film festival and partnering with the Breast Cancer Fund to Team LUNA Chix, we support strong, creative and committed women, coast-to-coast. Most of all, we say yes to all women who wake up every day and make it happen—at work, in class, on the running path or at the playground with your kids. Whether you need a snack, need a break or just need to connect, LUNA has something for you”

Please take a few minutes to take a look at Luna’s website and read about The Core Four.  Luna states that “Vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that help your body thrive day in and day out. For women, a good rule of thumb is to think of Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid and Vitamin D as the “Core 4” vitamins and minerals important to maintain overall health.* According to reports by the National Institute of Health, women are challenged to eat sufficient amounts of these nutrients”.


What I Think:
I received Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Cherry Almond, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. One word: AMAZING! I honestly have no complaints about these bars!  They are sweet, delicious, and they definitely satisfy my cravings when I have them.  Most protein bars you will find turn out to be lacking flavor and just plain gross.  NOT THESE!  Luna Protein will be on my grocery list from now on for my go to craving killer and snacks.  YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THESE OUT!

2 thoughts on “Luna Review

  1. Rebecca says:

    Not a fan of those, full of GMO

  2. I had no idea they were for women! haha I’ve never tried one but you’re right, most protein bars a horrible! I might try them out!

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